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We  Are Hiring Management Analyst

                 Salary: $ 38,834/year


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Job duties

Develop strategies to help the Company expand market and remain competitiveness in the market;

Interview personnel and conduct onsite observations to determine the methods and personnel that will be needed;

Maintain, organize and analyze all bills, sales receipts, and payroll records, create expense and revenue charts, and analyze the data to see how to increase company profits and cut expenses;

Review employment reports to improve service and solve customer complaints;

Create employee handbook, company policy and standard operating procedures to effectively run the Company;

Recommend new systems, procedures, or organizational changes;

Based on the existing data, make recommendations to management through presentations or written reports.


Familiar with restaurant management, financial management,marketing, and other related knowledge.

Proficiency in Excel, Word, Power Point, and Quickbooks.

Familiar with various social media and marketing tools;

Excellent writing and communication skills;

Strong organizational and analytic skills in hospitality industry, and being sensitive in statistics;

Critical thinking, problem solving, research and investigative ability;

Mandarin speaker is preferred but not required.

24 months experience in management analyst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.

Education and Experience

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